Thursday, February 12, 2009

Classification and Division Paragraph / Essay

Division deals with one subject only. It divides the subject into its component parts, pieces, or sections for closer examination. An example of this is a movie. A movie can be divided into several books or parts. The movie “The Lord of The Rings” is a trilogy. The story comes in three installments. Another example is a paragraph or an essay which is divided into introduction, body and conclusion.

Writing an effective division shows a subject’s parts, or what a subject is made or composed of. Grade, level, stage, and part are words that indicate division.

Classification, on the other hand, deals with a plural subject. It sorts a group of similar subjects according to some quality or characteristic that they share in common. For example, neighbors can be classified according to their attitudes: friendly, snoopy and aloof. Of course, there are still other ways to classify neighbors. With classification, subjects can be categorized in many ways based on different principles or criteria of classification.

Writing an effective classification should be consistent with the set criteria. In addition, categories should be arranged in logical order, and avoid overlapping of categories.

Ordering of Details:

1. Emphatic

2. Spatial

3. Chronological

(example - division paragraph)
(example - classification paragraph)


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